Monday, August 05, 2013

Chapt 5 of 48 Days to the work you love

2. How do you respond to management?- I'll have to say sometimes I have a tough time with management. But if I feel they are at least somewhat good and nice I do better.

3. How would you manage people?- Hmm, Not really sure. I hope I'd do ok.

4. Are you better working with people, things, or ideas?- People, is my answer. I get to caught up  in my own head if I'm by myself sometimes.

5. Are you more analytical, detailed, and logical, or are you one to see the big picture and respond with emotion and enthusiasm?- I'm definitely a big picture guy.

6. Are you steady and predictable, or do you seek variety and new challenges?- Hmm, I'm a little bit predictable but I like to think I seek new challenges.

7. Are you verbal and persuasive, or are you the caring, empathetic listener?- I'm probably the more caring empathetic listener.

Thursday, August 01, 2013

Chap 4 of 48 Days to the Work you Love

1. Are you a goal setter? Do you typically set goals at the first of the year? If not, why not?- I do set goals. But I won't set a real timeline. Sometimes goals will loose priority.  Sometimes Goals within my career of acting aren't tangible. As in you can never predict what will happen. But one thing I can do is set goals for work on my side of things.

3. What hobbies do you have? What other skills and interests do you have?- Guitar, exercise, improv, funny videos, reading, running, writing

4. How are you involved in your community?- Monkey Butler, Small group, Mosaic

5. What was your father's or mother's attitude towards work and how has that affected you?- My dad for the most part worked to get a paycheck. And eventually tried to do his own thing that he'd be good at. But then his physicality wore down. He worked by the sweat of his brow. My mom worked as different things and hasn't adapted to using the computer. Which has stopped her big time today. There was a huge time she didn't work. My step dad took a job when he was young and stuck with it. All these things combined made me want to pursue my dreams. And not JUST a job. Because it doesn't lead anywhere but broken down bodies.

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Chap 3- 48 Days to the Work you Love

2. Have you ever had a sense of calling in your life? How did you hear that calling?
Yeah, I have. Many times. With Comedy, with the kids at summer camps, at the Wesley Foundation. I've felt at times like it was with music & the guitar or working with a church and being a college pastor.

3. Does God call only a few people?- I think God can call everyone to different thing.

4. Is it reasonable to expect our work to be part of our fulfillment of our calling?- I sure think so. Our lives after all aren't actually separated. It's all one life. But we can have separate parts to our calling.

7. Are you where you thought you would be at this stage in life?- Hmm, not really.

8. Do you go home at night with a sense of meaning, purpose, and accomplishment?- Not if I just work Starbucks. I come home exhausted and depressed. If I get to do anything audition wise and it turns out well I feel better. If it turns out good, I feel great. Like there's at least some hope of something happening in the acting world. Most of the time I don't get to do any of that.

9. If you want different results next year, what will change in what you are doing now?- Well, I'd love to work at a completely different place.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Chap 2 in 48 Days to the Work you love

2. What statement describes your career path so far?- Occasionally hitting a stride in different areas but currently exhausted with not enough energy left to go after the good stuff.

4. Have you experienced any "failure" in your career?- If so, what did it lead to?- I feel like I've tried and tried to make work as an actor and nothing great has come along. Which makes me question is this what I'm supposed to be doing.

6. Who are 2 or 3 people you know who seem to have accomplished their dreams?
What do you remember about their accomplishments?- 1. David Magidoff- It seems like he's doing what he's meant to do. I guess I mean I see that he's found some success. 2. Cress Williams- He's got a great acting gig. And actually works.

7. What do you imagine retirement will be like?
       Well, I almost never pictured myself in retirement because I know how hard it is to get there. I'd like it to be full of good work. Like acting or producing things. Helping younger people and their acting.

Chap 1 of 48 Days to the work you love

2. From looking at your work life so far, what has been of the greatest value or worth?
             1. Acting
             2. Camp- Pine Cove & Cho-Yeh
             3. Wesley Foundation
             4. Acting- the brief moments of acting were so fun. I imagined doing it all the
5. What would be the key characteristics of an ideal job or career?
             1. Fun & Playfullness
             2. Creativity
             3. Value- like I can see that there is some good value coming from it.
                               Actually helping other people vs. a faceless corporation.
             4. Relationships- Making friendships with people I'm working with.

6. When you daydream, what do you see yourself doing?
            1. Performing- Since I was young, I've always imagined myself
                                         performing somehow.
            2. Kids- Being proud of what I'm doing that I can pass that along to my kids.
            3. Friends- Working alongside friends.
            4. Good- My work being something charitable & giving.
            5. Brainstorming- creating ideas together

7. What have been the happiest, most fulfilling moments in your life?
             1. Getting married
             2. Camp
             3. Wesley Foundation
             4. Improv- Monkey Butler & Ear Buds

8. If nothing changed in your life in the next 5 years, would that be OK?
             No, I wouldn't be able to take it if things were exactly the same.

Monday, July 15, 2013

At Left Brain Turn Right Homework #5

What's something I tune out to waste time on? Facebook, TV shows, day dreaming instead of action.

These things aren't bad but when spent too much time on can soak up my time easily. 

Focus my energy to be able to create. To be able to confront the tiredness & headaches.

Spend time writing. Writing ACTUAL things down. Even if it's 30 minutes or 15. Ok.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Ideas for Sketch

Involve current friends. These things can happen. It takes a lot. But you can do it.

It doesn't have to be "Let's start a sketch TEAM". I can just say, "Hey, you want to help make A sketch?" One piece at a time.

One exploration at a time. Not "Let's lock down our futures together forever".

Homework 3 from "At Left Brain turn Right"

Past hurts. Things that put a shell around my self expression.
1. My Step Dad
2. Starbucks & how tired it makes me. Also, a certain coworker.

Forgive Them
1. I understand now that my step dad was trying to discipline in the only way he knew how. In a strict way. He didn't know any better. It's not good but it's in the past & we've forgiven each other. I find myself having to continually quiet that judgement side of me. It's ok to be silly, it's great actually. Obviously not all the time. But that's going to be life giving to me in the harsh world. To laugh and & play.

2. Starbucks- It's too early for any person to be up. I get so tired that my brain doesn't function properly. I can get to bed early as possible. But that doesn't really solve the bigger issue. The issue of not being feeling fulfilled & connected to my passion. I also understand my coworker is getting better.

I need to let these things go. Not only while I'm there but literally change & do something else. Breath. Forgive yourself for not being a genius that makes tons of money every year. Those people don't really exist. The ones without problems.

I am me. God made me great. Breath that in. Embrace the good ways good made you. The quirky, weird & unique ways God made you. Breath more. Keep breathing.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Make my own films.

So this idea has always kept coming up of making my own films. Or sketch comedy. I mean it's been a reoccurring thought for some years now. So I think it has some weight. It be great to do that.

It starts with writing. Then getting a camera & all that goes along with that. But starting with a simple idea. Then go from there. Don't over think it. But follow through with it even if it's not perfect. Just keep going.

See how it goes.